Gauher Chaudhry’s Media Buying Sumo — 6 Reasons Why You Should Get This High-Level Paid Traffic Course.


Gauher Chaudhry’s Media Buying Sumo is not for everyone.  But if you are a serious marketer who wants to learn paid traffic and media buying strategies from one of the top traffic experts on the web, you need to take a serious look at Media Buying Sumo.

If you are unfamiliar with media buying, here is a brief explanation.  Media buying is the act of purchasing banner display ads on websites that are owned by other people.  This is often referred to as “banner traffic.”

In the past media buying was a traffic strategy primarily used by major players with big ad budgets.  But in the past few years the playing field has been leveled and now the “little guy” is able to play in this game and buy targeted banner traffic for just pennies a click.

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I’m going to get straight to the point.  What you will find below are “6 Reasons Why” I believe serious marketers like you who want to learn paid traffic and media buying should get their hands on Gauher’s latest high-end paid traffic course, Media Buying Sumo.

  1. Gauher Chaudhry has a long history of delivering high-value paid traffic courses that generate results for his students.  The sales of his Pay Per Click Formula and Pay Per View Formula traffic courses have exceeded $5 million.  Gauher has a terrific reputation as both a paid traffic expert and as a “teacher” of paid traffic strategies.  Paid traffic and media buying is what Gauher does and he does it very well.  But as good as Gauher is at generating traffic with paid traffic strategies, he is just as good at teaching his strategies to his students.  And his students get results.
  2. This is an undeniable fact:  “The vast majority of internet marketers who are big-time earners generate a significant portion of their traffic with paid traffic strategies.”  And with media buying becoming the most lucrative form of paid traffic marketing, it is easy to see why more and more savvy marketers are moving into media buying.  Banner traffic is virtually unlimited and banner buys is quickly becoming the quickest and most lucrative way for marketers to drive massive amounts of “targeted traffic” to your websites and offers, including affiliate offers.
  3. SEO is the “slow way.”  If you have been struggling to generate traffic, most likely you have been investing your time trying to generate free search engine traffic with SEO.  Let’s face it, SEO is slow and it can be incredibly frustrating at the same time.  Your time as an entrepreneur and as a marketer is too valuable to be wasting it on a low-value, low-return activity like SEO.  Media buying, on the other hand, is incredibly powerful because it allows you to generate targeted traffic to your websites and offers “Instantly!”  And in many cases this traffic will cost you just pennies.
  4. The amount of traffic available for media buys is almost unlimited.  A display network called Site Scout sells up to 20 billion banner ad impressions a day.  And according to Gauher Chaudhry, the Google Display Network has over one trillion impressions of ad inventory available each week.  In Media Buying Sumo Gauher is going to teach you and the other students how to tap into this massive source of traffic and do it for pennies a click.
  5. Media buying allows you to diversify your traffic sources.  The danger with SEO is that it makes you reliant on Google.  In other words, you business is reliant on “One” traffic source.  And for an online business, becoming reliant on one traffic source a very dangerous game to play.  All it takes is just one Google update to kill your rankings — and then you are out of business.  With Media Buying you are able to diversify your traffic sources and you not putting your business in the cross-hairs of a Google Panda or Penguin update.  Now, if you are able to get free search engine traffic from Google, that’s great.  Just don’t make your business completely reliant on this “One” traffic source.
  6. Paid Traffic & Media Buying is predictable, controllable and scalable — and SEO is none of these.  Here is what Gauher Chaudhry say about these three benefits of paid traffic:

What I mean by predictable is that if you can get 1,000 clicks today, you will probably be able to get 1,000 clicks tomorrow if you spend the same amount of money.  It’s controllable because you can shut off the traffic or turn it on at will.  And it’s scalable because once you get it converting with one traffic source, you can then go out to hundreds of other traffic sources and explode your profits.

I am big believer in paid traffic.  And that is precisely why I am moving my business in this direction.  And I am also a big advocate of Gauher Chaudhry and his latest paid traffic course, Media Buying Sumo.

If you are an online marketer who has been struggling to generate targeted traffic, I believe you should take a serious look at what Gauher has to offer in Media Buying Sumo.

To close this post I want to leave you with a quote from Gauher Chaudhry where he talks about what media buying can do for you and your business:

When you add media buying to your arsenal of marketing tactics, traffic doesn’t become an issue anymore.  This gives you time to focus on your marketing and increasing your conversions and profits.

If you have ever wanted to tap into the virtually unlimited reservoir of banner traffic (i.e. media buys), there are few people better to learn from than Gauher Chaudhry.  Gauher Chaudhry has been an very successful internet marketer for 16 years.  And for the past seven years he has trained tens of thousands of internet marketers how to master media buying and other paid traffic strategies.

Now it’s your turn.  But you must act fast because this offer will not be available for much longer.  It’s a limited time offer and when the doors are closed I’m sure they will remain closed for quite some time.

If you finally want to solve your “traffic problem” and learn how to generate unlimited amounts of targeted traffic, click now on the link below.  And keep in mind, you have absolutely nothing to lose because Gauher’s Media Buying Sumo comes with a “30 Day Money Back Gaurantee.” 

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All the best,

Jon Poland

P.S.  If you go to the Media Buying Sumo homepage and the doors to the course are closed, be sure to opt-in to Gauher Chaudhry’s mailing list.  Here are two reasons why I recommend you do this.  First of all, in the next few months I anticipate that Gauher will reopen the doors to Media Buying Sumo.  When this happens those of you on Gauher’s list will be the first to know about the reopening and you will have immediate access to this excellent paid traffic training program.

Second, if you opt-in to Gauher’s list he will email you a free report titled “Media Buying Tactics.”  This 50 page report will teach you the basics of media buying and it contains enough information that will allow you to start buying banner traffic.  If you are serious about getting into media buying, study this free report because it is very educational and it will give you a excellent sample of what you can expect in Media Buying Sumo.

Click on the following link to go to the Media Buying Sumo homepage where you can gain access to Gauher Chaudhry’s free report, “Media Buying Tactics.”





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