How To Get Your Google Penalty Removed by Marketer’s Braintrust.


If your site has received a Google penalty, Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde of Marketer’s Braintrust are two guys that can help you.  They are “Professional” SEO’s.  They know their stuff and they have been doing SEO “Successfully” for years.  And if my site should ever get hit by a Google penalty, they are the first two people I would call.

Approximately one year ago Dan Thies and Leslie Rhode from Marketer’s Braintrust (formerly SEO Braintrust) put on an excellent webinar where they discussed strategies on how to “Bounce Back When Google Knocks You Down.”  In this webinar I learned a great deal about SEO and how to recover from a Google penalty.  You can read the notes I took from the webinar in this post I made to Web Business Research in January of 2013.  The title of the post is “SEO Braintrust Discusses Google Penalties & SEO Strategies.”

Marketer’s Braintrust is at it again.  On Thursday, February 20th, at 2:00pm Eastern time Dan Thies will be putting on a free SEO training titled “How To Get Your Google Penalty Removed.”  During this training Dan will cover the following:

  • The five essential steps in the penalty removal process and the biggest mistakes people make at each step.
  • How to dramatically reduce the cost of penalty removal.
  • What kind of links drive up your cost the most.
  • The key messages you need to send to Google.
  • When to go “above & beyond” in removing links.

Andrea Warner, VP at Marketer’s Braintrust, recently sent an email that addressed more of what will be covered in this free training.  Here is part of what Andrea had to say:

A Google Penalty isn’t the end of the world — but it can be a costly, gut-wrenching, challenging process to clean up the mess and get that penalty removed.  We’re going to show you exactly how to get Google penalties lifted (in this free training).

Google’s process has continued to “evolve” (a.k.a. change without telling anyone), but we’re in the trenches on this every day.  We’ll make sure you leave this webinar with the confidence that you *can* get rid of that Google penalty.

Andrea states that the training will last approximately 90 minutes, and then there will be a Questions & Answer session after the training has been completed.

Dan is a savvy marketer and I’m sure he will be offering some type of coaching / marketing / SEO training program at the end of the webinar.  Even if you have no interest in any potential offers they may make after the training, I highly recommend that you attend this webinar.

Whenever I spend time on a webinar with Dan Theis (and his partner, Leslie Rohde), I leave the webinar smarter and more prepared than I was beforehand.  Even if you are not in position to take them up on the offer Dan may be presenting at the end of this webinar, I want to encourage you to take advantage of this free SEO training and “LEARN” from Dan.

By the way, there are not affiliate link on this page and I’m not being compensated for directing you to Dan Theis’ free SEO training.  I am doing this because Dan knows SEO.  And if you are having problems with a Google penalty, Dan is someone you should listen to.

To register for this webinar, simply go to and opt-in to get their free report titled “PERP — The Complete Guide To Recovering From Google Penalties.”  Once you opt-in they will send you a link to register for the webinar.

By the way, make sure you read “PERP.”  This free report will give you a good base of knowledge on how to recover from a Google Penalty.

Also, if you want more excellent free SEO training from Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde, I highly recommend that you watch their free video titled “The Rapid Ranking System.”  This video 31 minutes of SEO Gold!

Dan and Leslie’s Rapid Ranking System is simple, and it is very powerful.  It is a ranking and “business building system” that is going to allow me to take Web Business Research to another level and beyond in 2014.  And I believe it will do the same for your business.

All the best,

Jon Poland

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