Why Jerry West has the Best Amazing Selling Machine Bonus.


I am not an affiliate for Amazing Selling Machine.  But SEO expert Jerry West is an affiliate and he has a powerful bonus that will help you get the most out of this high-level program.

Just to be clear, I am receiving no compensation for telling you about Jerry’s bonus.  I am doing this simply because I am a big believer in Jerry West and his internet marketing training — and I want you and the other readers of this blog to know about this special bonus that Jerry is offering.

If you are unfamiliar with Amazing Selling Machine, it is a $3500 course created by Jason Katzenback and Matt Carter — two stand-up guys with great reputations in the marketplace.  This course will teach you how to build a viable business selling “Real” products on Amazon.  It’s not about affiliate marketing where you are generating traffic for the product creator (or merchant).  This business model is about selling tangible products where you control everything — from creating the product to private labeling the product to selling the product on Amazon.

I recently received an email from Jerry where he detailed why he is so excited about the business model of selling real products on Amazon.  The idea of having “control” over the entire process is one the most appealing aspects of this business model for Jerry West.  Jerry stated that he is getting tired of the lack of control that he has with affiliate marketing. He is tired of merchants changing the rules of the game and he is tired of seeing his affiliate checks get smaller and smaller with each passing month.

Like so many other search marketers, it is quite evident that Jerry is also looking for a way to build a business that is not 100% reliant on search traffic from Google.  During the past two years Google has made life very difficult for search marketers and building a business on the back of Google is no longer a stable business strategy.

Nobody knows this more than Jerry.  He lives and breathes SEO every day.  And if Jerry West is looking for a business model that is not reliant on search rankings from Google, you know damn well that SEO is not the model you want to be pursuing.

(By the way, there is nothing wrong with getting search traffic from Google.  However, you do not want your business to be 100% reliant on this very fickle traffic source.)

Jerry stated that he decided to purchase Amazing Selling Machine after several members of his SEO Revolution private site wanted his thoughts on the course.   After going through the course, Jerry was so impress with it that he decided to start a new company and build it using the “System” outlined in Amazing Selling Machine.

By following the instructions and tutorials in this course, Jerry West was able to buy rights to a product, locate a manufacturer and then have the product produced under his own private label.  And he is now selling the product on Amazon.

Jerry loves this business model because he now has “control.”  He is no longer an affiliate marketer who is worried about a merchant changing the rules of the game.  And he is no longer worried about the next algorithm update from Google.

For the past 15 years Jerry West has been one of the top SEO experts in the internet marketing community.  But Jerry is currently moving his business away from SEO because of the games that Google is playing with search marketers.  He is now focusing much of his time and energy on the business model of “selling real products on Amazon.”

If you are going to purchase Amazing Selling Machine, I highly recommend that you buy through Jerry’s link.  You will find it on this blog post at SEO Revolution  The title of the post is “Amazing Selling Machine Test Results From Jerry West of the SEO Revolution.”

Jerry is a terrific teacher and really does want to see his students succeed.  If you want to get the most out of your investment in this product, buy it through Jerry’s link.

As a bonus for buying Amazon Selling Machine from Jerry West, you will have access to a “Private Group” that Jerry is going to mentor.  Jerry has gone through the course from start to finish, he is building a business using the techniques and strategies outlined in this course, and as a member of his Private Group he is going to help you do the same.

Jerry will show you exactly what he did to set up his business and he will also show you the strategies that he is using to take his business to the next level.  Jerry has developed an additional model that he is using based on his 15+ years of experience as a professional internet marketer.  As part of his Private Group, you will have access to this additional business model that Jerry has developed.

Jerry stated that setting up this business was not easy and he made several mistakes along the way.  But as part of his Private Group you will be at a distinct advantage because Jerry will be by your side the entire way.  He will walk you through the process and show you what mistakes to avoid.  He will show you how to launch your new business the right way.

If you purchase Amazing Selling Machine from Jerry West you will have access to the following:

  • Jerry’s Private Group via Facebook.
  • Monthly conference calls where Jerry will take your questions and share strategies and tips that he is using to build his business.
  • You will receive detailed instructions on how Jerry set up his business — everything from how he secured rights to his products to how he is marketing his products.  Jerry has also developed an additional model that he is using to take his business to a level beyond what is taught in Amazing Selling Machine.   Jerry will reveal this “additional model” to you as part of his bonus.
  • Free one-day workshop in Austin, Texas hosted by Jerry West.  This workshop will take place the day before the live event that Jason Katzenback and Matt Carter are hosting this coming January for everyone who purchases Amazing Selling Machine.
  • You will receive coaching from Jerry West –  one of the most respected and top internet marketing teachers in the business.

One of the things that I like and admire about Jerry West is that he rarely promotes internet marketing products.  Jerry believes that most new products are basically worthless and he does not want good name to be attached to these inferior product offers.

Jerry’s endorsement of Amazing Selling Machine got my attention immediately.   But what really impressed me is the fact that Jerry actually reviewed the course and then tested the strategies outlined in the course before he endorsed it.

Today, there are literally hundreds of marketers who are selling Amazing Selling Machine as an affiliate.  And the vast, vast majority of these marketers have never even touched the product.  They have not review it and they certainly have not built a business using the model that is taught inside the course.

Several of these affiliates have made statements like the following:  “I like this course so much that I will be launching a business in the future with the training from this course.

Folks, Jerry West has already done it.  He has studied the course in detail and he is building a business based on the training that is inside the course.  This is a major reason why I believe you should get the “Special Bonus” that Jerry is offering.  Jerry knows this course better than almost anyone and he will be able to help you grow your business by sharing what is working in his business.

To close this post I want to share with you the one thing I do not like about the business model of selling real products on Amazon.

I do not like being reliant on another company’s platform.  In this case the platform belongs to Amazon.

In the world of business “One” is a very dangerous number — whether it be one traffic source, one product supplier, one customer or one selling platform.  Think about it, if that one traffic source or one selling platform goes away, you and your business are in very deep trouble.

This is another reason why Jerry West’s training so powerful.  Most people who purchase Amazing Selling Machine will use Amazon as their one and only selling platform.  And as I just mentioned, it’s dangerous to build your business on just one platform.

Jerry West is a very savvy marketer and he is fully aware that you need to diversify your business.  As part of Jerry’s coaching he is not only going to show you how to sell real products on Amazon, but he is also going to show you how to set up your own website so you can sell your products from a platform that “YOU” own.

If you have any questions about Amazing Selling Machine and the bonus that Jerry is offering, head on over to SEO Revolution and read the post titled “Amazing Selling Machine Test Results from Jerry West.”   There is an open discussion in the comment section of this post and Jerry is answering questions people have about the program and the bonus he is offering.

This post also contains an affiliate link where you can purchase Amazing Selling Machine from Jerry so you can receive his special bonus.

As I mentioned, I am not an affiliate for this product and I make nothing from this endorsement.  I published this post simply because I believe in what Jerry is doing and I want people like you to know about his terrific offer.

I wish you all best.

Jon Poland






  1. Your Product sounds interesting,would like to find out more about it.

  2. Jon Poland says:

    Mark: The product is not mine. In this post I was simply telling the readers of my blog that internet marketing expert Jerry West has a terrific free bonus to offer people who are buying Amazing Selling Machine. Amazing Selling Machine is a product developed by Jason Katzenbach and Matt Clark. It teaches you how to build an online business selling products on the Amazon.com platform. Jerry has gone through the program in detail and he is focusing much of his energy on the business model that Jason and Matt teach inside Amazing Selling Machine.

    If you are interested in this business model go to AmazingSellingMachine.com and get on their email list. The program is closed at this time, but there is a good chance that Jason and Matt will be opening the doors in the next few months and letting another round of students go through the training.

    One word of caution. This is an expensive program with a price tag in the $3500 range.

    If you want to learn this business of selling physical products on Amazon, a marketer by the name of Jim Cochrun has an excellent program for just a fraction of the cost. Jim’s program is called Proven Amazon Course and at this time the cost is only $297. I have yet to review Jim’s program primarily because selling products on Amazon does not interest me at this time. However, if I decide to move in that direction, Jim Cochrum’s course is certainly a resource I will utilize. Jim is regarded as an authority on the subject of “selling products on Amazon” and I have read several reviews from people who rave about his course.

    I hope this helps.

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