How To Get Your Google Penalty Removed by Marketer’s Braintrust.

If your site has received a Google penalty, Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde of Marketer’s Braintrust are two guys that can help you.  They are “Professional” SEO’s.  They know their stuff and they have been doing SEO “Successfully” for years.  And if my site should ever get hit by a Google penalty, they are the […]

SEO Is Not Dead. It’s Alive and Well, and I’ll Prove It!

Many gurus say SEO is dead.  I’m here to tell you that SEO is not dead. In fact, I am going to prove to you that SEO is alive and well.  This is very good news if you are a serious online business builder who is willing to work, publish content on a consistent basis […]

SEO BrainTrust Discusses Google Penalties & SEO Strategies.

This post details what was revealed in “Bouncing Back When Google Knocks You Down” — the live SEO training webinar put on by Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde from SEO BrainTrust. Last week I made a post on Web Business Research where I discussed the live SEO training that Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde of […]

Free SEO Training with Dan Thies & Leslie Rohde of SEO Braintrust.

Have any of your web properties been hit by a Google penalty in recent weeks?  Have you seen a dramatic drop in your search rankings?  Do you want to know what you must do to make certain you never get hit by a Google penalty in the future?  If you answered “Yes” to any of […]

Despite What Many SEO Experts Are Saying, Don’t Give Up On Exact Match Domains.

During the past few weeks Google has been on a rampage and they have been hammering the search rankings for exact match domains (i.e. EMD’s) — or, as some people call them, keyword domains.  As a result, there are now plenty of SEO experts who are warning their clients to no longer build sites on […]

Why Some Internet Marketers Love The Google Panda & Penguin Updates.

As you are probably aware, during the past 12 to 18 months the internet marketing community has been turned upside down by the changes in the  Google search ranking algorithm.  These changes have become known as the Panda and Penguin updates. The first Panda update came in February of 2011, with several additional Panda updates […]

Strategic Advice From 12 Search Engine Marketing Experts.

Are you an SEO consultant or are you thinking about becoming an SEO consultant? If so, I recommend that you read a post that was published a few months ago by the affiliate marketing and SEO expert Rae Hoffman Dolan.  The post is titled “The Number One Mistake SEO Consultants Make.” Rae asked 12 top […]

Learn WordPress SEO: Dan Thies & Leslie Rohde To Hold Free Training With Yoast Creator Joost de Valk.

Are you using the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast?  I’m not.  I’m still using All In One SEO.  However, there are several marketers I greatly respect, including SEO experts Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde, who have been highly recommending the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast. If you want to learn more about WordPress SEO and […]