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My name is Jon Poland and I am the owner and publisher of WebBusinessResearch.com. From time to time other bloggers may make “Guest Posts” to this site, but most of the content will be authored by me.

The most important element of this blog is the relationship that I have with the readers of WebBusinessResearch.com. I will recommend products to the readers of this blog and I always try to do my best to thoroughly review each product before issuing an opinion. However, there will be rare times when I do make a recommendation before reviewing a product. But this will only happen when the owner of the “recommended” product has a track record of producing quality products that deliver what he or she promises.

My objective is to produce quality content that will help inform and educate the readers of WebBusinessResearch.com. The integrity of the relationship that I have with the readers of this blog is tied directly to the integrity of the content that is published on this site. I try to be as honest and open as possible when expressing my thoughts and opinions regarding both product reviews and any other aspect of the web business marketplace.

Any views, opinions and test results that I have regarding any product or marketing strategy are mine and mine alone. The results that you will receive will vary. And as the owner of this blog I bear no responsibility for your results. You acknowledge that your results are your responsibility.

Monetary and income results from business ventures will vary and they are based on several factors. I have no possible way of knowing how well you will do with your business ventures because I do not know your work ethic, your educational background, your business skills, your people and communication skills along with factors to numerous to mention.


WebBusinessResearch.com is committed to the privacy of the readers of this blog. Any personal information that you share with WebBusinessResearch.com will not be sold, shared or rented to a third party.

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WebBusinessResearch.com from time to time will publish content that will contain links to products where I have an affiliate relationship with the product owner. It is important to note that that is how WebBusinessResearch.com generates a profit. At this site I reviews and recommends products I believe have value and I always give an honest opinion of what I think of each product reviewed at WebBusinessResearch.com.

WebBusinessResearch.com is not responsible for any income claims made by the products that are reviewed on this site. With any business venture, there are risks. And WebBusinessResearch.com recommends that you obtain the services of a qualified professional before investing your money in such a business venture.

From time to time I will test many of the products that I review at WebBusinessResearch.com to determine if the product does what the owner of the product claims. Please note that the results that I get from a given product may be different from the results that you will receive from the same product. Any results that I receive should not be confused with the results that you will receive. Your results may vary from mine; your results may be better than mine and your results may be worse than mine.

Jon Poland and WebBusinessResearch.com bears no responsibility for the results that you will achieve from any product that we test and recommend. You hereby acknowledge that any reliance upon the content on this site shall be at your own risk.