Search Engine Optimization Expert Jerry West To Reopen The SEO Revolution!


Jerry West is reopening the doors to The SEO Revolution here is what that means for you:  “Search Engine Optimization is about to get much easier.”

Let’s face the hard truth.  With all of the Google Panda and Penguin updates in the past 18 months, SEO has gotten a lot tougher for a lot of people.  Most search marketers are confused and many of them don’t know what to do and they don’t know who they can trust.  It has gotten so tough that hundreds of professional SEOs have left the business out of pure frustration.

This thinning of the search marketing herd also represents opportunity for those who either know what they are doing or those who have “expert advice” on how to navigate the new world of Search Engine Optimization.

Many sites that had top rankings have been banned by Google and there is a ton of real estate at the top of the search engines that is waiting to be claimed.  But in order to claim this prized SEO real estate, you have to know what works at this very moment in search engine marketing (SEM).

If I had to pick one person to train me and teach me on how to flourish in today’s new SEO environment, the person I would pick is Jerry West.

Jerry is a “Real” search engine marketing (and internet marketing) expert.  He is not some guru who only teaches internet marketing.  Jerry is in the trenches every day “Doing” internet marketing.  Today Jerry possesses a portfolio of over 800 domains that he uses as a lab to test what is working in SEO at this very moment in time.  When it comes to SEO Jerry West does not believe that you can rely on others and you certainly cannot rely on out-dated theory.  He believes that the best way to know what works is to test it yourself.

That is what Jerry West and his team of experts inside The SEO Revolution do — they test various SEO strategies on his portfolio of over 800 domains and then he reveals what is working inside this private membership site.  And now you have the unique opportunity to join this elite private site and gain access to the leading-edge SEO research that Jerry West and his team reveal inside The SEO Revolution.

Here is what Jerry West is offering.  On July 10th and July 11th (2013) Jerry is putting on a two-part training series called “Double Your Profits” webinar.  In this two-part paid webinar Jerry states that he will be showing you . . . . “proven step-by-step solutions using tested methods.”

Jerry promises to reveal information he has never shared publicly before — powerful traffic and conversion strategies that he and his students inside The SEO Revolution are currently using to dominate markets.  This is not some quickly-put-together system that Jerry came up with two weeks ago.  This is “The System” that he has used, refined and perfected over the past decade.

Much of Jerry’s search engine marketing system is now automated.  In the “Double Your Profits” webinar he will show you how to get work done that used to take hours, but now is completed instantly with a couple clicks of the mouse.

By purchasing the “Double Your Profits” webinar you will also get access to software to help you automate this system that will be revealed in this training.  Jerry stated that some large companies pay $10,000 a month for access to this software.

During this two-part webinar you will be able to interact with Jerry and ask him questions.  Jerry West is an excellent teacher and you will quickly realize that Jerry cares a great deal about the success of his students.

A number of topics will be covered in the webinars with the focus being on the following:

  • Basic and Advanced SEO Techniques
  • The Business of SEM Consulting
  • PPC & Page Advertising
  • Testing & Conversions
  • Technology

For a more detailed account of what you will find in this training, simply go to the sales page at

Jerry West believes that this training can literally reshape both your business and your mindset.  It’s pure content that is based on tested results.  There is no filler and there is not theory.  Just stuff that works in today’s new world of SEO.

When you purchase access to the “Double Your Profits” webinar, Jerry is also going to give you a one month membership to The SEO Revolution.  Not only do you get the killer content that Jerry is going to reveal in this two-part webinar, but you will also have access to the powerful SEO strategies that are revealed in this $100 a month private membership site.

Jerry West believes, and I agree, that there are few things more frustrating than spending weeks implementing a strategy only to find out that it does not work.  With access to the raw data and the tested research inside The SEO Revolution, you will be able to get your hands on the strategies that work “Today” in search engine marketing.

If you want to take advantage of this incredible and learn SEO from a “Real” search engine expert who does this stuff every day, I suggest that you act fast.  The webinars take place on July 10th and 11th and I’m not sure how much longer Jerry will have this offer open.  He did say that the webinars will be recorded so if you able to get in after July 11th the training material will be there for you.   But I do know this — he will not have the doors open to this training and The SEO Revolution for much longer.

The cost of the “Double Your Profits” webinar is $197.  As I mentioned several times before, it does come with a one month subscription to The SEO Revolution.  And it also comes with a 60 day Money-Back Guarantee.

Before I close this post there is one more thing I’d like to say.  There is no affiliate link in this post and I don’t make a dime recommending Jerry West and his training to you.  I am making this post because I am a huge fan of Jerry’s work and I want the readers of this blog to know about this terrific offer that Jerry is making.

And for the record, I have already purchased the webinar training and I can’t wait to see the proven SEO strategies that Jerry is going to reveal inside the “Double Your Profits” webinar and also inside The SEO Revolution.

Earlier in this post I stated that legions of search marketers have left the business because of their frustration in dealing with Google and its constant algorithm updates.  If this describes you I want to encourage you to take a serious look at what Jerry West is offering with his high-level SEO training.  If you are confused and if you are unsure on how to move forward with search engine marketing, you need to listen to Jerry West.

While this may be a confusing time for many in search marketing, it is also a time of great opportunity.  With so many others having already left the business because of their frustration with Google, the search marketers who know what they are doing are absolutely make a killing.

This is the primary reason why I paid $197 for this training.  I know a little a bit about SEO, but I want to know a lot more and I want to learn the tested strategies that Jerry is using to dominate markets.

I hope to see you inside The SEO Revolution (and the “Double Your Profits” Webinar Training.)

All the best,

Jon Poland

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